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Nutrasure is one of the leading company which deals with kind of products.
Our products are made from 100% Natural ingredients which help in improve the quality of life as well as physical and mental well being.

Ashwa Charge Oil

Ashwa  Charge Oil is penis enlargement with 100% safe Ayurvedic and unani ingredients with secret herbs for treating  penis size and erection problem. This is magical  Oil for men to cure sexual Problem.

Ashwa charge oil is safe and effective  to strengthen your penis for intercourse


  • Penis Enlargement 
  • Increase sex Drive
  • Maintain Growth of Penis
  • Cure sexual Problem

Thor's Hammer Capsule

Thor Hammer Capsules are made of Ayurvedic and unani ingredient which helps to increase Spark and improve timing sex drive.  These capsules  are higlhy riched in musli safed ( Chlorophytum borivilanum) Which bring the confidence back and increase the endurance of erection it is herbal aphrodisiac , a primary agent used to enhance sexual power and help with low sperm count and low libido.


  • Increase Sperm Count, Semen Volume and Fertility
  • Improve Premature ejaculation
  • Increase Sexual Stamina
  • Increase Sexual Desire
  • Increase endurance of erection / Helps to maintain erection
  • Penis Enlargement


King soloman has an ancient Indian super herbs that reduce stress, increase testosterone level and motility. Sperm health is an important factor that’s why we choose best magical  ingredient such as : Salab Misri, Musli Safaid, Bidariqand, Satawar Aqarqaran, Asgand, konch, khar -e-Kasak khurd, Musli siyan, Behman Surkh, Behman Safed, Tukhm -e-Piyaz , samagh – e- arabi , sodium Benzoate


  • Improve Sexual Performance
  • Improve Sperm health
  • Cure Erectile Dysfunction during sex
  • Cure Infertility in men

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